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Welcome to our informational library website! You will locate important government and community resources geared toward disabled individuals and their families. Whether you are newly diagnosed or been diagnosed all your life, there is a strong chance that you will find a new idea in our library. All our sources are national in nature and free or low cost to utilize to the individual.

Our blog and newsletter are free for anyone to join. We provide website updates, interesting national and world news important to the disabled community, and tips on many topics.

We do not sell your personal information to outside companies because we believe in keeping your privacy.

Feel free to utilize our library for your own personal useage. However, if you plan on publishing any information for an outside publication, we suggest that you contact our organization. Our goal for this website is to be a handbook or listing of services disabled individuals and their families can utilize on a daily basis in a variety of subjects and topics.

Feel free to email or Contact us any time if you have a question or concern!

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