College Selection Ideas

When a high school sophomore, junior, or senior starts searching for college, each place is a new experience. However when a disabled student starts searching for a college, it is much more difficult because of the adaptations or help needed. Each college or university offers a variety of different services to its disabled student population. During the student tour or afterwards, it is important to check out the disabled student's office or disabled student's union. Often this office has a web page if the visit is brief. It is important to know which documentation the college or university accepts in order to provide services to the student. I will include some other ideas to look for in a college or university which searching for the perfect one.

What are the dormitory rooms like?
Is it possible to request a single bed dorm room if needed?
Can I stay in the dorms for all four years of my college experience?
Are there apartments close by if a dorm room is not available all four years?
What is the transportation system like on campus and in the nearby communities?
Where is the closest pharmacy or convenience store if needed?
What clubs or activities are offered by the college during the week and weekend?
How well do the professors or instructors work with the disabled students?
What health services are provided on campus?
What kinds of financial aid are available? How hard is it to get a needs based scholarship?
How easy or hard is it to get a work study job on campus?
What is your success rate for placing college graduates into the workforce?


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