FAFSA Helpful Notes

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the foundation of receiving need based money to attend college. It was started by the federal government to help students find money for college. It needs to be completed each year from before your first year of college attendance until you graduate from college with your degree. You receive financial aid based on a score given to you by the United States Department of Education using a percentage formula (income and savings) and family size. Almost anyone does qualify for some form of financial aid. It will qualify you for the Pell Grant(if your EFC score is below 4300), state need based college grant (if the state has one), need based scholarships from the college's scholarship endowment fund, federal work study program, and federal loans. I have included some resources not associated with this website for further information.

Online FAFSA Form: www.fafsa.ed.gov
FinAid: www.finaid.org
Petersons: www.petersons.com

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