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College is a big dream for almost everyone. However, it becomes a question of what help is there for a disabled person to enter college. What high school classes are needed for college admission? Do they consider school activities and volunteer work? What standardized testing do I need to take? Is there any help for those who need it while taking the standardized tests? Yes, there is pleanty of help out there for the disabled. College and standardized testing websites provide a wealth of information. I will list some resources below not associated with our organization to help you.

* Recruit personal references that know you well. Teachers, volunteer coordinators, job supervisors, religious leaders, teacher club advisors, etc. make wonderful references. Each should know you at least a year but longer is more preferable.
* Take high school classes that will benefit your college major if possible. Like art classes for those interested in studying art in college. However, do not take classes above your ability levels.
* Volunteer with organizations that match your future career goals.
* Visit college campuses of those colleges y ou are interested in if possible. Make it a point to visit the disabled student services office on campus to learn what is available.

SAT/College Board (standardized testing and more):
ACT (standardized testing):
College Confidential: College

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