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Your journey has just begun regarding your child's progress in life. It can be a bit challenging at first to deal with, but there are benefits and joys to the diagnosis, too. The advice I once received regarding Autism is to start working on getting your child educational services and therapies through the school district system. It is important to start this right away in getting your child evaluated for Special Education services. This is because few services exist after high school graduation for Autistic adults. For the adult services, there is a waiting list for them. Routines are important in and out of school because Autistic children and teens need routines in their lives for stability reasons. Support groups can provide great information along with a supporting ear when you need help. I have included some free resources below to help you with what is available nationally (this is not an endorsement but a listing of available resources to parents at this moment).

Autism Speaks: www.autismspeaks.com
The Autism Society of America: www.autism-society.orgcom
Autism PDD Support Network: www.autism-pdd.netcom
Current Clinical Trials: www.clinicaltrials.gov
NICHCY: www.nichcy.org/resources/autism.asp
Autism Today (news and resources): www.autismtoday.comcom
Resources in Autism Education: www.autismed.comcom
Autism Genetic Resource Exchange: www.agre.comcom
Cure Autism Now: www.cureautismnow.comcom
TEACCH (educational approach): www.teacch.comcom
Autism Research Institute: www.autism.comcom
Autism Web (resources): www.autismweb.comcom

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