Welcome to Cerebral Palsy

You have often wondered about your child's movements or weak limbs since birth. Then, the doctor gave his diagnosis which was cerebral palsy. Afterwards, you began to wonder what help is there for your child. All the websites listed are not affiliated or part of our organization. All are national in nature.

Variety Club: www.usvariety.org
United Cerebral Palsy: www.ucp.org
Susie CP Home (resources): www.susiecphome.com
Easter Seals: www.easterseals.com
Kid Power: www.kid-power.org
American Academy of Cerebral Palsy Medicine: www.aacpdm.com
Living With Cerebral Palsy (resources): www.livingwithcerebralpalsy.com
Disaboom: www.disaboom.com

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