Welcome to Down Syndrome!

You have just had a baby, and then, your baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Your thoughts to turn to how can you help your child achieve in life. Are there any support groups out there? Are there any educational opportunities out there for my child? Yes, have your doctor or you contact the early intervention unit of your local school district or county educational services agency. I will include some Down Syndrome resources not affiliated with our organization.

National Down Syndrome Society: www.ndss.org
National Association for Down Syndrome: www.nads.org
NICHCY Down Syndrome Fact Sheet: www.nichcy.org/pubs/factshe/fs4txt.htm
National Down Syndrome Congress: www.ndsccenter.org
The ARC: www.thearc.org
Mosiac Down Syndrome on the Web: www.mosiacdownsyndrome.com
Uno Mas Down Syndrome Online Community: www.unomas21.com
Down Syndrome Connection: www.downsyndromeconnection.org
Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome (support group): www.dadsappreciatingdownsyndrome.org
Down Syndrome Educational Trust: www.downsed.org

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