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For years, your child has struggled in school learning reading and mathematics. The same problem would crop up again and again which was letter reversal. However, when you quizzed your child orally, he would get all his math facts correct. You requested a referal for services at the school. The results came back that your child had Dyslexia. You were relieved and happy at the same time for knowing what was happening in your child. Now, you wonder what you could do to help your child more. I am listing informative web pages that can help you, and they are not affiliated with this organization.

Dyslexia Support Community: www.dyslexiasupport.org
LD Online (support community): www.ldonline.org
Dyslexia at College: www.dyslexiacollege.com
Being Dyslexic: www.beingdyslexic.co.uk
Dyslexia Information (resources): www.dyslexia-information.com
Dyslexia Teacher: www.dyslexiateacher.net

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