Welcome to Muscular Dystrophy
You have always wondered what was happening with your child's muscles and movement. Finally, you have discovered the answer to all your questions. However, you begin to wonder what community and emotional support is out there for parents with children wtih this diagnosis. I have included some internet resources, not associated with this nonprofit organization, to help you learn more about this diagnosis.

Muscular Dystrophy Asssociation (USA): www.mdausa.org
Muscular Dystrophy Patients United: www.muscular-dystrophy-patients-united.com
Muscular Dystrophy Campaign (Research): www.muscular-dystrophy.org
International Myotonic Dystrophy Association: www.myotonicdystrophy.org
Current Clinical Trials: www.clinicaltrials.gov
Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy: www.projectmd.org

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