Welcome to Parkinson's Disease!

You noticed a slowing or difficulty of your movement over time. Your speech became difficult. Finally, you went to the doctor's office, and you received the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. Your mind then turns toward locating the latest in treatments and searching for support groups. What is out there? I am including a list of nationwide resources for Parkinson's Disease not affiliated with us.

National Parkinson's Foundation: www.parkinson.org
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research: www.michaeljfox.org
The Parkinson's Institute: www.theepi.org
American Parkinson Disease Foundation: www.apdaparkinson.org
My Parkinsons (caregiver information): www.myparkinsons.org
Parkinson's Action Network: www.parkinsonsassociation.org
The Parkinson Alliance: www.parkinsonsalliance.net
Young Onset Parkinson's Association: www.yopa.org
People Living With Parkinsons Community: www.plwp.org
Advances in Parkinsons: www.advancesinparkinsons.com

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