Welcome to Rett Syndrome!
I know it has been tough watching your daughter regress in her development stages over time. Now, you have an answer to her developmental stage regression problems. Now, it becomes a question on where can I find the places to help her reach her full potential. The schools are a great source of help. Also support groups can help a parent find answers to problems and even some great resource sites. I will include some websites for more information on it and for support, but these websites are not associated with us.

International Rett Syndrome Association: www.rettsyndrome.org
Current Clinical Trials: www.clinicaltrials.gov
NICHCY: www.nichcy.org/resources/rett.asp
Rett Syndrome Research Foundation: www.rsrf.org
We Move: www.wemove.org
Ideal Lives: www.ideallives.com
Rett Angels: www.rettangels.org
The Sara Varon Foundation for Rett Research: www.sarahvaronfoundation.org

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