Energy Saving Tips

With the cost of energy rising with the oil industry, it is becoming expensive to heat a home or apartment for the average family. Low and middle income families begin searching for ways to save money on their home heating bills. The included tips include electric and heating (oil, natural gas, etc.). Some simple methods cost very little money to implement and use while others are expensive to start. The Websites listed below are not associated with our website.

Energy Saving Tips
* Replace your light bulbs with compact florescent bulbs. They last longer (5 to 7 years on average) than the normal light bulb saving on the cost of changing a lightbulb. Even if you change your most utilized lamps, it will still save money.
* Buy motion sensor night lights for the bathroom and hallway. It switches automatically when no one is in the room saving energy.
* Unplug home appliances even with the Energy Star label if they have a hibernation mode. It still uses energy in this mode.
* Caulk, seal, and weatherstrip all seams, cracks, and openings to the outside such as surrounding the window.
* Open the window drapes and shades to allow sunlight in the home. The Sun provides natural heat. However, close them at night.
* Insulate the attic. It will prevent hot air from leaving the house because it rises.
* Lower the thermostat 2 or 3 degrees.

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