Housing Assistance

There are different levels of housing assistance available to a disabled person ranging from a group home or nursing home status to living independently in either a home or apartment. Local government agencies offer housing assistance vouchers to those who qualify both income and savings wise. However, in some areas of the country, there is either an open or closed waiting list to receive housing assistance. The utility and telephone companies do offer assistance programs for low income individuals, but you have to check with their customer service or disabled customer service help lines. The utility assistance comes in the form of reduced electric or natural gas rates. State agencies do offer help with heating during the winter months, but you need to check with your utility company. I have included a website not affiliated with our agency, but it comes from an official federal agency.

* Telephone company offers lifeline program (discounted phone help).
* Utilities company offers reduced rate for those who's income qualifies.
* Housing Assistance Agency List: www.hud.gov/offices/pih/pha/contacts/index.cfm

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