Disability Employment Assistance

Disabled individuals work in the community at many different levels including government agencies, sheltered workshops, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, day care centers, and more. Government and private agencies are out there to help disabled individuals enter or re enter the workforce. Some agencies provide a job coach, job training, and even a job placement service. Schools and county government agencies assist high school or traditional college aged students which can be located in the blue pages of the telephone book. Even the federal government has a program for disabled individuals meeting certain criteria in getting federal government jobs. I have included below some nationwide private agencies, not associated with us, who help disabled individuals train and/or locate jobs.

Agency List
Good Will Industries International: www.goodwill.org
USA Jobs (federal government): www.usajobs.gov
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation: www.purpleheartfoundation.org
Disability Work: www.disabilitywork.com
Disaboom: www.disaboom.com

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