911 for Kids

At least once a week, we hear about a preschooler or kindergarten aged child calling 911 in a medical emergency regarding a parent or family caregiver. Each news story mentions how the child was taught by the parents to use the 911 telephone system. They observed something was wrong with the disabled individual and knew from the parent teaching them how to handle the emergency. How can you train your young child, preschooler, or kindergarten student to use the 911 in a medical emergency? We will cover some simple tips and advice to share with them.

Telephone Call Advice
* Teach the child to remain on the line until emergency lights or the 911 operator acknowledges that the paramedics have arrived.
* Program your telephone to call 911 or 911 is only used for an emergency.
* Give scenarios when it is okay to call 911.
* Teach and practice your home address and telephone number.
* When practicing a scenario call, unplug the telephone from the wall to prevent a non emergency call to your local 911 emergency system. Just remember to plug the phone back in when completed.
* Practice once a month an emergency scenario.
* List the proper situations when to call 911 with your child.

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