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You noticed something was not right with your child long ago. He or she was not developing like your other child(ren), relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. You consulted the peditrician about a referal to a specialist, but you discovered it takes time before the appointment will happen. What could you do now to prepare for the appointment? I will list some items that you could do now to prepare for the appointment. I recommend organizing this into a notebook or binder to keep the information organized. It can help you get your child diagnosed sooner.

Information Needed
* Detailed list of your child's developmental milestones (listing age and date).
* Letters from therapists (speech, occupational,physical) if your child utilizes their services.
* Letters from teachers, babysitters, and daycare providers. Focus on any traits that they see while in their care.
* Daily diary focusing on all characteristics or traits your child exhibits in daily life including the rare characteristics or traits.
* Results of any prior testing (ekg, genetic testing, formal evaluations, etc.).
* Completed paperwork sent by the doctor.
* Medications your child might be taking at this time.
* Family medical history going back 2 generations (maternal and paternal) at least if possible (cancer, depression, etc.).
* School documents (Individual Education Plan, Section 504, Behavior Modification Plan, school functioning levels, etc.)
* Allergies.

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