Doctor's Appointments

When you have a child, doctor's appointments are a regular thing. However, it becomes a problem sometimes when you have a disabled child and have problems in certain situations. This is a compilation of things over time that I have thought about from my own experience and observing others. This is for general or normal doctor's appointments. However, some of these items can be used for specialist appointments such as the preparation list. You could add your own items to the list because these are general ideas to make the doctor appointments go smoother.

* A bag of busy things for the child/teen. Can include any of the following: book, magazine, toy, stimulus toy, iPod, walkman, dvd player, video game, etc.
* Medical files on the disability stuff up to date if required.
* Observation journal notebook.
* Book or magazine for you to read.

Questions and Issues to Discuss
* Any concerns about allergies.
* Any new behavioral issues.
* Referals for specialists if your medical insurance requires it.
* Concerns about any medications.
* Sleeping problems or issues.
* Any gained or lost skills or developmental milestones.
* Troubles at school related to the disability.
* Social gains or problems.
* Gross (large movement) or fine (small movement) motor skill problems or developments.
* Any drastic changes with the disability characteristics.

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