Transition Planning for After High School Graduation

At age 14, parents and educators have a meeting to map the strategy to prepare the individual student for adult life. A lot needs to be taken into consideration while planning for this meeting. It will effect how your child is prepared for his or her next stage in life. I will include some ideas to keep in mind while preparing for this meeting.

* What does your child want to become when they graduate from high school?
* What kind of schooling is involved to prepare them for this career?
* What grade levels are your child functioning on in reading and math?
* What is your child's strengths and weaknesses?
* What life or job skills does your child already have?
* What training is available in your community?
* Are there college programs available to assist your child if interested in attending college?
* Can he/she work independently, or does he/she need guidance or coaching?
* What life skills will be needed to help him/her be a successful adult?

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