The Homeschooling Option

There is a growing movement in the disabled community of parents homeschooling their disabled child. After looking at all the options, the parent decided it was the right option for them. In addition, there are more oportunities available to the homeschooled child in the neighborhood. Also, these resources can be utilized as supplementary school year and summer enrichment resources for disabled children attending school. There are many local support groups for parents homeschooling their children. I will include some resources not affiliated with our organization for more reading.

Socialization Resources
Boy Scouts of America:
Girl Scouts of America:
Local sports organizations
YMCA Classes:
Dance classes
Community college or university enrichment classes

Free Homescan Curriculum Resources
The local public library
Let's Homeschool:
The Homeschool Mom:
Homeschool Math:
Easy Fun School:
Homeschool Free Stuff:
Old Fashioned Education:
All Things Homeschool:
Homeschool Info:
The Homeschool News Network:

Online Homeschool Support Groups
Local Homeschool Support Group Listing:
National Home Education Network:
Secular Homeschool Support Group:
Homeschooling on a String:
Home Education Magazine:
Homeschool Library:

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