Preparing for the IEP Meeting

Once a year, the school calls a meeting with the parents of a disabled child about next year's plans for the child's education. A team of educational professionals works together to establish goals, classroom placement and services for the next calendar year. The members of the team include school psychologist, learning specialist, your child's teacher, and the therapists. The teacher does care about your imput about the Individual Education Plan and help you if you have any questions about the document. A new meeting can be called mid year if the services need changing. Remember, any changes during the meeting must be in writing. Lastly, do not allow the meeting to be rushed if you have questions or concerns.

* Journal documenting any problems or concerns over the year.
* A list covering your concerns about your child's education.
* A list covering any services your child might need.
* Pen or pencil and notepad to take notes of the meeting.
* Questions you might have regarding the testing.
* List of your child's strengths and weaknesses.
* Concerns you might have for upcoming standardized testing.
* Any placement or service ideas to add to the IEP. Bring documentation with you why this would be needed if possible from a doctor, therapist, or outside specialist.

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