New to Social Security Disability Letter

You have antagonized about applying for Social Security Disability Income benefits. You wondered if you were disabled enough to receive it. You believed for the longest time if you found the right job that you could keep working. Then, you received your diagnosis and realized that you could use some extra income help. Since you have applied for Social Security Disability, now you wonder what help is there for someone on disability. The state does offer programs to help low income and disabled individuals. You went to the official state government website and wonder which programs to apply for help. This is a list of services which could help supplement your income offered by your state government, but most of these programs do have income and savings limits.

* Food Stamps
* Medicaid (health insurance)
* Utility assistance (contact your utility company's customer service number)
* Lifeline (offered from the local telephone company. Call the customer service number)
* Housing assistance (contact your county's or city's housing office in the blue pages of the telephone book)

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