Social Security Disability Child Dependent and College

You are about to turn 18 years old and graduate from high school. However, there is a huge problem with funding issues since your parent receives Social Security Disability benefits, and he/she receives money for your care. The only way for it to continue under Social Security rules is if the teen has a disability and qualifies for Social Security Disability themselves. Unfortunately, the program lasts until you graduate from high school. Will you be forced to work instead of attending college? The answer is not necessarily no. The federal government has assistance for low income college students. I will include some resources below not associated with the organization to help you locate tuition money for college.

Social Security Administration:
FAFSA online: (Pell Grant, work study, need based scholarship from the college, student loans)
College Board (great info on college admission and financial aid):
The Smart Guide to Financial Aid:
Scholarship Help:
Scholarship Experts:
Find Tuition (scholarship search):
Broke Scholar (scholarship search):

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